Partnering up with the #YouthKeStarring campaign


I am so excited to say that Pushing 20s will be partnering up with #YouthKeStarring campaign. We all know there are a lot of issues that young adults and the youth of Africa are facing and the pandemic has only amplified these issues. 😔 

The #YouthKeStarring campaign is being led by the Wits University Perinatal HIV research Unit based at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital. This is a non-profit campaign dedicated to making sure that the voices of the youth are heard. The campaign will launch in December 2020 and will be fully active in January 2021. This amazing project will run for twelve months and each month will have a different theme such as self-care, self-love🥰, relationships, etc. 

After I finished my degree, I wanted to move to New Zealand and start my career as a journalist. Unfortunately, a couple months after I graduated the world was plunged into a pandemic knocking me completely off my feet! I had no idea how I was going to get employed or even move to New Zealand🇳🇿. The worst part was that I felt like a complete failure for moving back into my parent’s house without any career perspectives. I would spend my days locked up in my room in a constant state on anxiety about the chaos rampant around the world and my future. When the days got too hard I would crawl up in my blanket and just cry it out! 😭

As Pushing 20s started to grow, I started to grow as a writer, which gave me the confidence to share my story. In my opinion the first step towards healing is sharing our experiences with the world which was exactly what I did!  When I started writing about what I was going through I realised that I was not the only one! When we start to talk about our struggles with mental health, self-care, self-love etc. we start to realise that we are not alone and we learn to grow and accept ourselves alongside people just like us! 👭 

The #YouthKeStarring campaign is a chance for us to share our stories and start healing as a community. This campaign will also have social media ambassadors to give you tips on self-care, self-love, mental health, etc. The most engaged social media followers will stand a chance to win many exciting value added incentives such as short-courses, spa treatment, food 🍲 vouchers, yoga classes, baking vouchers and many more. 

 Find the campaign on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @YouthKeStarring. The campaign will officially launch on Friday the 11th of December 2020. If you happen to be free this Friday feel free to join the virtual zoom event, meeting ID 71972806499 and password K0y6t9. If you want to become an ambassador or sponsor for this amazing campaign you can check out their website (

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