Thank You


This year has truly been magical ✨ When we started Pushing20s we just knew that we wanted to create something relatable and successful. We had this idea that we were going to become one of the top websites on the Internet right away 🙈

When that did not happen, we were both gutted a little 💔. We tried to think of ways to make the website better and get more reach but it was not working 😭.  We failed and we failed alot!

Eventually, we started trusting the universe and stopped trying to think of ideas to make the site better! That's when the magic started to happen ✨🦋 People wanted to collaborate with us. The best part is that content ideas just started to flow to us 💖. The right people started to join our team 🎉

We are so thankful and grateful for everyone that has supported us, collaborated with and stuck with us when things got hard 💕

We have some amazing things planned for 2021 and we can't wait to share it with you 😘

Love you guys always 😘

David & Alisha