Sleeping with the wrong person 


We have all at some point in our lives slept with the wrong person, dated the wrong person or in some cases befriended the wrong person. The main reason we beat ourselves up about being with the wrong person is because we think there is someone better for us or they were just not ‘the one’. However, some of us get to meet that one person they can spend the rest of their lives👵.

So why are we so invested in idea of the one, because we have bought and sold to ourselves that there is this perfect person out there! That can save us from our shelves and make us happy. This notion of the “one” is constantly being fed to us in a silver spoon by Hollywood on a daily basis🌅.    

According Katherine Woodward Thomas, the author of calling in the one and conscious uncoupling, the idea of the one was born in Venice, Italy about 400 years ago! At the time most people in Venice were being born to very poor families and half of the children would die before their 16th birthday 😥 (I know super morbid).

If you’re lucky you could make it to the average life expectancy of 40. The myth was created at the time to comfort young children and keep them hope for a better future. We have evolved as human beings and came up with medical advancements which allows us to make it to our 20s (pun intended) and beyond.

Why are we so hesitant to cancel such an out-dated belief! Our theory is that our impressionable 

minds have engraved with the idea of ‘the one’ from the minute we set in front of the television. 

Let’s talk about the Disney classic Cinderella 🥿.

You are strongly advised to stop reading at this point if you don’t want your childhood ruined!

We are all familiar with the tale of Cinderella and her going to the ball, dancing with prince charming, losing a glass slipper then marring prince charming and living happily ever after.  

We never get to find out how Cinderella’s first time went or if she ever felt self-conscious about getting naked in front of the prince for the first time 👙

More importantly we need to talk about Cinderella’s glass slippers! Ladies and gents if you have ever worn heels you know that heels take a while to break into before you can enjoy dancing in them. In her case you could not break into the shoes because might have to break them in the literal sense. 👗 Cinderella did not wear any stockings and from all the versions we have seen the glass slippers did not have any lining in it. We cannot imagine how sweaty Cinderella’s feet must have been and did that glass heel support all of her weight

Just like absurdity of going to the ball with glass slippers, is the idea of sleeping with the wrong! Well what if they were the one in that moment. If you are reading this article you have most likely survived some sort of heart break, in order to survive it you had to learn a little something about yourself. You had to become closer to yourself! So therefore, the one isn’t supposed to give us our fairytale ending. It’s supposed to bring us closer to ourselves and that is the greatest untold fairytale of all time