Pasta salad by Alisha Mahmood



Serves – 1 

Vegetarian friendly

- 2 table spoons of sugar beans (or a bean of your choice)

- ½ cup of pasta

-1/2 a tomato 

- ½ cup of sweet corn

- Cheese

- Olives (optional)

- Basil

- ½ a bell pepper 

- ¼ cup of olive oil

- 1 teaspoon of lemon juice

- Chilli flakes/fresh chillies (optional)

- Black pepper optional

- Warm water 

You will need 

- A medium seized bowl

- A small bowl 

- A small pot

- A knife

- One measuring up

- A table spoon

- One teaspoon


- In a small pot boil water over medium heat, once the water is bubbling add in your pasta🍝.

- While the pasta is boiling, finely chop the basil and bell pepper set it aside🫑.

- Pour the olive oil in the small bowl, add the lemon juice, chilli, basil and black pepper and then mix the ingredients well with a teaspoon🥄.

- Once your pasta is done drain the water and run it through a cold bath.

- Put the pasta in a medium sized bowl🥣 and start adding your bell peppers, tomato, beans, corn and mix well.

- Then add your olive oil, salt to taste and the cheese. Give it a Kardashian style salad shake and Bon a petit :)