My Love affair with Kanye West: The beginning!


Kanye West, I feel like he needs no introduction as he finds himself in the media for good or bad reasons. In recent years he has become a polarizing figure, bringing great debate on some of the topics he talks about🗣️. The most recent was in 2018 when Kanye allegedly said, "400 years of slavery sounds like a choice" He received a lot of backlash for this. Regardless, for the very same statement, he also received praise, but this is a topic of another day. In this piece, I will talk about my love affair with Kanye; Yes! I am a Kanye disciple! 🙌

I remember the first Kanye song I heard was "Run this town" well, it was a Jay z song that featured Kanye and Rihanna. Still, his verse was something I enjoyed even though I didn't understand most of the things his subject matter 😂🤦🏾‍♂️. After that, I didn't dive deeper into his music as at that time I was a huge Lil Wayne fan (I mean, who wasn't 🤷🏾‍♂️). 

2011, I think this was one of my worst years in high school, and I had lost a lot of confidence and just thought I was incapable of doing anything. I spent most of my time just listening to Lil Wayne's music, but this didn't provide any meaning, until one day, I was watching MTV, and it was a Kanye vs. Lil Wayne battle. They played "Can't tell me nothing," one of Kanye's hit songs. Honestly, it hit different compared to any Lil Wayne song 🎶. This song gave me some inner confidence, which I never thought I had. It became my jam. Interestingly around the same period, Kanye was popping. He just came from releasing a critically acclaimed album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. His collaboration album with Jay- z was about to drop. It was a time where everywhere you go; there was a Kanye track on the air. Despite all the hype Kanye had, I was still not convinced, and I never saw myself being a Kanye fan. 🙌

I think Kanye's music's constant replay was slowly turning me into a fan, but I still wasn't ‘that’ into him. The turning point was when I came across his interview with Zane Lowe. My initial plan was to watch a bit of the talk and go about other things. Still, Kanye’s words were inspiring, that I ended up finishing the whole interview. From then on, I started reading more about his life, 📰 reading articles about Kanye. 

I started to feel Kanye's music on another level. The more I read about him; his music made sense to me and helped a lot throughout my teens and twenties. And I will never forget the feeling I had after listening to my first Kanye album, which happened to be ‘808 & HeartBreaks’. The album always used to be on repeat. To this day, I still listen to the album 💿 at least once a month.

Being a Kanye fan is not as easy as I thought, mainly because most of his interviews get misinterpreted by the media. Let's not forget how he never releases his albums on time. The albums he never released, one of which is "Yandhi," was supposed to be released in September of 2018, but he scrapped it, and now all we got is a bunch of leaked songs 🎼

There is so much to say when it comes to Kanye. As a result, I will release part 2 in the next issue. We will dive deeper into my journey with Kanye's Discography. 


Part 2: My journey with Kanye's Discography

Fun Fact: The Idea of Co-founding Pushing20s came about when I was listening to a Kanye Song.


I will reveal the name of the Song in Part 2!